feathers flying on rainy days.

foolish. January 21, 2007

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I thought this would be different.
But again I disappoint.
You’ve defeated me
-yet again.


flying pieces. January 10, 2007

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the sky is falling.

I must of reached up and ripped it.
You think I pulled down the sky.

best of all,
You think I did it to hurt you.


i’ve always known. January 8, 2007

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you don’t love me.
not even enough to call.


all that we are.

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i let go.
I’m not going to sit by and wait
wait for your recognition.
I depend on you too much,
expect too much.
It’s not your fault you let me down.
But simply my own for building you up.
Oh so freaking high up.
As much as I need you I don’t,
The fall will be the same without you.

I’ll retract
but realize this means
I’m no longer going to try and give you everything.
I’ll give you all I can,
But no longer tire myself out in the process.

Let’s just be this.


just go. January 5, 2007

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and when the world becomes too much,
just close your eyes.
walking down the street,
close your eyes.
fighting with friends,
close your eyes.
feeling ill,
close your eyes.
sitting at a red light,
close your eyes.
green is go.
eyes still closed.

don’t stop on your way.
close your eyes if only for a second.
if necessary repeat.


still holding on. January 4, 2007

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warm hugs, lovey emails.
ditched plans, better friends.
are your words sincere?
or perhaps my mind just paranoid?

I’m ready for you to give it to me straight,
Or seriously, fuck you.


knowledge. January 3, 2007

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betrayed and paranoid.
stuck with nothing but two feet.
and yet i know.
my answer is you.