feathers flying on rainy days.

An Ode to the Past. January 29, 2007

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Last night you were everything. You showed me a side of you that I’ve been craving – for what feels like years. And with every breath you exhaled beauty. Only to be followed with astonishing intensity with every word that fell from your lips. The stars were incomparable to the expressions captured on your face.

Last night you took me places only you would know to go. Places we’ve been before and places we’ll visit once again. You lead me everywhere with the gentle warmth of your hand, with the comfort of your presence. And all along it could have been no where and nothing, because all that mattered was that you were there.

Last night you were mesmerizing, your eyes glistened and your heart shone. But where are you now, while I’m restless with tears on my pillow? Your cruelty is astounding, I never imagined you’d leave me behind like last night’s bad news. And yet once again I’m stuck with just a craving to see that moonlight enhanced version of you again. I find myself squeezing my eyelids tightly shut with the hopes of returning to our evening affair.

Last night was something my heart will never let go of and my mind will forever savour. And regardless of how often I go there, the air will never be as sweet and you will never be the same.

Last night I took a trip to the dream where losers go.


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