feathers flying on rainy days.

Fairy tale. January 24, 2007

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Certainly not.
Prince Charming?
I didn’t want.

Yet I was still waiting for the fairy tale to start.
Always thought there’d eventually be a happy ending.
At least somewhere down the yellow brick road.

The paint faded.
Cracked and revealed plain old red.
The road crumbled.
The winding ended, no path laid out.

And still a dream is a wish the heart makes
– but I’m oh so ever awake.
Pages wrinkled and folded,
With a simple ‘The End’ the book closes.

This story has no happy ending.


One Response to “Fairy tale.”

  1. J Says:

    i found your site via your post on matt good’s site.. a young voice likened to my own.. and yet, this site of yours, sounds so sad.. an intellectual wrapped up in something it knows it should rip itself from.. but then again, i’m only seeing one side of a story, and without the other it can never be deemed time to judge..

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